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Whether you are looking for some basic info or an in depth consultation we have an expert for you.


Schedule a free 1 hour consultation. We will talk about your needs and form a plan of attack. From hold ordering to designing your hold room, we've got you covered.

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Commercial Ordering

Are you a climbing gym, university wall or other commercial facility? Reach out to open a wholesale account, and find out more about our rewards program.

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Route Setting

Need a crew for your opening set? Looking to book a setting clinic for your crew? Or maybe you need help finding a head setter. Reach out for all setting inquries.

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Contact a Lead Sales Rep

Our sales reps are respected routesetters and industry leaders. They have a deep understanding of climbing holds, setting, and how they can work to provide your customers with a unique climbing experience. Our reps will take the time to understand your gyms needs and help you build an order that makes sense for you. Every gym and its market is different, lets get you the right holds.

USA / Mexico: Louie Anderson

Louie Anderson has built over 50 climbing gyms, shaped 1000's of climbing holds, been a gym owner and has over 30 years route setting experience. His ability to see things from every aspect gives him a unique depth of knowledge that not many posses.


Canada: Kaleb Thomas






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